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20:22  (Warszawa) is an official, online weather forecast service of the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management - National Research Institute in Poland. At most important are:

  • Meteorological and hydrological warnings issued for Poland,

  • Current radar maps,

  • Data from telemetric network IMGW-PIB: the level of rivers and rainfall.


Additionally, you can find:


In addition, each user can use the light version of pogodynka - which is simply to type on your mobile web exploler, where you can find the most important weather information or can order one of the available MeteoSms services. Another option for mobile users are weather apps available on smartphones and tablets, which represent the current weather information and dedicated products for boaters, skiers, etc. For the youngest IMGW-PIB also prepared a proposal to broaden their knowledge in the field of meteorology, the educational game “Weather guesswork” available on the tablet. Be the first to receive the latest news subscribe to our newsletter!

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